21 Pack - All Color Special
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21 colors - 36" to 42" Lengths


--- 10 packs Silk ShimmerZ

--- 10 packs ShimmerZ Fuzions

--- 1 Travel Pack Fuzions

--- 1 ShimmerZ Pick


Silk ShimmerZ Colors included:

Gold Luminescence
24-K Gold
Copper Orange
Violet Lavender
Dusty Rose
Pastel Rainbow
Heather Green
Turquoise Teal


ShimmerZ Fuzion Colors included:

Gold Fuzion
Silver Fuzion
Mocha Fuzion
Purple Fuzion
Black Fuzion
Indigo Fuzion
Turquoise Fuzion
Pink Fuzion
Red Fuzion
Green Fuzion



  • Item #: SS-01-21CS

21 Pack Special

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